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Holden Piano Suite Music Book by Cooper Sherry

Holden Piano Suite Music Book by Cooper Sherry

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Listen to a recording of Holden Piano Suite here.

About the Music:

Holden Piano Suite is a series of reflections in seven movements, written over the course of a six-month stay at Holden Village from August to February 2020 - 2021. The goal of each movement is to communicate an impression of some aspect of life in the remote wilderness setting and unique community experience that Holden Village provides. The movements are arranged as one might experience a given day: waking and appreciating the unique setting, volunteering at the first-morning shift in the kitchen, hiking up to the top of the mine tailings and being greeted by the surrounding mountains, continuing on up the trail to Copper Basin in all its glory, returning to the village for an evening shift on the dish team, hitting the sauna for a good session before bed, and falling asleep as the melodies from evening Vespers replay in your mind.

About the Artist:

Cooper Sherry is a church music director living in the Pacific Northwest. He has served as a Lutheran church music director for many years, and is an enthusiast of music for the piano, pipe organ, choir, and church congregation. He is married to Sarah Moore Sherry, with whom he writes hymns and songs for worship. Their music is available at

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